There are many national and also regional extra virgin olive oil competitions in all of the major extra virgin olive oil producing countries. Since those have a local focus and due to the fact that not in every major olive oil producing country conducts a national extra virgin olive oil competition, we are currently not considering these results into our ranking because we wanted to keep it international and with equal opportunities.

Therefore only competitions with a broad international participant base and without proper commercial interest are being considered for our ranking. Also we only consider competitions which conduct their assessments / evaluations by a panel of tasting experts and therefore we do not consider those competitions where the panels include professionals form other areas or untrained amateurs in olive oil tasting.

For more on the rules for establishing our rankings, please refer to the document that we provide under the following link:
PDF Rules and Guidelines of WBOO Rankings


For the 2016/2017 harvest season we focussed on the competitions that you find below with a short desciption. You can download the individual results of each competition by simply clicking on the comeptition logo. In the section under the competition logos you will find the details on how we calculated the final results of our ranking, explaining for each competition how results have been valued.


With all the right in the world our readers, the producers and of course also the competitions itself whose results build our ranking, ask themselves how we compute the results. Generally said, the proceedings are quite easy and follow a simple scheme:

The results of each and every competition enter in our ranking following the same points scheme. Our points scheme firstly provides 10-9-8-7-6-5 point(s) to the winners of each competition and gives extra points for complying with certain criteria due to the strictness of each and every competition. This leads to a maximum of 15 additional points for a single competition, making (25) the maximum of points to gained from one competition. In competitions where the organizers provide result lists for conventional and organic olive oils, points are being awarded to the winning conventional and organic olive oils. Results of the individual olive oils from the purely organic competitions are only considered for the ranking of the world's best organic olive oils.

Please find in the below table how each and every competition has been considered in our 2016/2017 ranking:

Comp / Awards / Points1st PrizeWBOO Pts2nd PrizeWBOO Pts3rd PrizeWBOO Pts4th PrizeWBOO Pts5th PrizeWBOO Pts6th PrizeWBOO Pts
Mario Solinas Award1st prize252nd prize243rd prize231st Finalist222nd Finalist213rd Finalist20
Evooleum1st prize222nd prize213rd prize204th Prize195th Prize186th Prize17
Expoliva1st prize222nd prize21Finalist20Mention20    
Argoliva1st prize212nd prize20Finalist19      
Sol D'OroGold20Silver19Bronze18Grd Mention17    
Leone D'Oro1st prize20Grd Mention Gold19Grd Mention18      
ARMONIA1st prize182nd prize173rd prize16Grd Mention15    
Oil ChinaGold16Silver15Bronze14Grd Mention13    
L'Orciolo D'Oro1st prize152nd prize143rd prize13Grd Mention12Mention11  
BIOL1st prize152nd prize143rd prize13Extragold12Gold11Silver10
Athena IOOCDouble Gold15Gold14Silver13Bronze12    
SIAL Olive D'OrFavourite13Gold12Silver11Bronze10    
Olive JapanPremier13Gold12Silver11Bronze10    
L.A. IOOCBest of Show11Best of Class10Gold9Silver8Bronze7 

For all the details on the current rules for establishing our rankings, please refer to the document that we provide under the following link:
PDF Rules and Guidelines of WBOO Rankings